Bird Research and Conservation in Nepal:
Although several organizations and universities are actively pursuing bird studies and conservation in Nepal, following organizations give emphasis on bird conservation and research programs in Nepal. For further information please use the link to visit the respective websites.

Biodiversity Conservation Nepal—works on Galliforms, Bengal Florican and globally threatened species—

Bird Conservation Nepal--works on globally threatened species and important bird areas, and overall bird and biodiversity—

Bird Education Society—works actively at Chitwan on bird conservation education campaign —

Friends of Birds--works mostly in Kathmandu Valley and takes people out for bird walks every Saturday—

Friends of Nature—Works actively on biodiversity research and conservation, ethnoornithological work on owls, vultures and pheasant as the main focus

Himalayan Nature—works on ecosystem approach on forests, grasslands and wetland birds, manages Kosi Bird Observatory, east Nepal—

Lumbini Crane Conservation Centre-works exclusively on cranes of Nepal, manages Lumbini Crane Sanctuary in Lumbini—

Nepal Biological Society—works on bird related issues actively in the eastern part of Nepal—Email:

Wetland Friends of Nepal—does scientific research to provide information necessary for better management and conservation of wetlands and associated biodiversity (mainly Birds)—

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